Understanding IoT With The Help of Cloud Concepts !

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Internet Of Things(IoT) and cloud computing, both these technologies are tightly coupled and provide services which are delivered by the internet. Cloud Computing acts as a front end to help IoT succeed. Using cloud concepts, memory and space constraints can be removed as well as other accuracy and time constraints can be removed. Example – Using Google Photos to store or backup your photos on the Google-cloud.  The cloud computing of IoT involves broad network access, meaning it offers several connectivity options. Cloud computing resources can be accessed through a wide variety of internet-connected devices such as tablets, mobile devices, and laptops. This level of convenience means users can access those resources in a wide variety of manners, even from older devices. Again, though, this emphasizes the need for network access points.


Cloud Computing and IoT

Merging of cloud and IoT will change our way of living as well can change the way of managing the information. Big thanks to cloud services which are available anytime, everywhere with a network connection. The cloud is a technology which is suitable for storing, filtering, analyzing and accessing IoT and other information in useful ways.

In the upcoming posts, we’ll discuss Fog computing with IoT.

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