Secrets of Cloud

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Every technology, new or old has its pros and cons. The problem is we only focus on the technology’s good aspects and ignore the bad aspects. Cloud computing is no different in all these aspects. Even cloud computing has haters, did you know that ??

By digging deep into internet and articles,  the 3 secrets of cloud computing have been revealed as:

  1. Public clouds are not always cost effective.
  2. Using cheap public clouds can get you fired.
  3. Many cloud service providers are consistently failing.
  • Public clouds are not always cost effective as these clouds lack a favorable infrastructure and that’s the reason they are been provided at a very reasonable rate. As the main concern is ‘Numbers’, not all clouds make financial sense.
  • In today’s tech-era,  they say, “Survival of the fittest”. As mentioned above, not all public clouds provide efficient services and satisfy all the constraints.Many of those IT leaders who look to build private clouds or to use public clouds have made huge errors that have hurt the business.
  • Many of the smaller cloud computing providers are not getting the traction they anticipated and are closing their doors, including some of the older firms. Moreover, newer providers have learned to use other clouds, such as IaaS and PaaS clouds, as their platform, whereas the older providers built their services from scratch and are paying for their own private data center spaces. The new generation of cloud providers based on cheaper backends is discarding them out of business.


Fig 1: Limitations of cloud



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