The future of cloud computing in India

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Cloud computing is still in its origin in India, but as economic and institutional factors improve, it could considerably stimulate India’s digitization.

The cloud – which basically is a system of remote servers – empowers organizations to store, manage and process information and utilize programs through a web-based interface. Data and programs stored in the cloud can be obtained from anywhere through different devices with web connectivity, which is an advantage for small companies who don’t have huge IT funds.

During the last few years, IT experts in various associations in India have seen and accustomed themselves to cloud selection. Cloud computing usage is expanding momentum in India essentially because of government support, vendor offerings, and proven best practices, which have brought about numerous associations in India intending to move to the cloud on need.

The Government of India is adopting cloud computing technology for developing its e-governance initiatives throughout the country.Cloud Computing is crucial for Digital India.


Figure 1: Digital India


As enterprise cloud is expected to become the most secure place for IT processing with nearly 60 percent IT organizations to move their systems management to the cloud in 2017, India will be among top beneficiaries from cloud computing.

“India is uniquely positioned to benefit from cloud computing as cloud becomes an essential component of any organisations’ IT and business strategies,” Shailender Kumar, Managing Director at Oracle India, said in a statement.

There is no doubt that India has enormous capabilities to become a global point for cloud computing. The eventual fate of cloud computing and in addition profession openings in the field shines brilliantly for India.



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