Applications of Artificial Intelligence

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Hello people, in the last post we discussed Artificial Intelligence and its principal components. In today’s post, I’d like to elaborate about few real-time applications of AI which are used in everyday schedules. The descriptions of applications of AI are enlisted below: 

  1. Game playing

I hope each one of you might have played games in their childhood or early teens right? Of course, you all have played games on platforms like PC’s, consoles and mobile stations. Ever noticed AI in those games which you played? No ?, There is AI used in game applications. The ally bots or the friend which accompany you in the game is called as AI NPC(Non-Playable Character). AI has been used as an essential component in graphics and gaming animation since a long time now to deliver a powerful and a memorable gaming experience.


Gaming Application of AI
  1. Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition was first framed in the early 90’s. The United Airlines has replaced its keyboard tree for flight information by a system using speech recognition of flight numbers and city names. It is quite convenient. Some latest implementation of speech recognition can be seen in Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Android’s ‘Ok Google’.


Speech Recognition Process
  1. Understanding Natural Language

Just getting a sequence of words into a computer is not enough. Parsing sentences is not enough either. The computer has to be provided with an understanding of the domain the text is about, and this is presently possible only for very limited domains.


  1. Expert systems

A “knowledge engineer” interviews experts in a certain domain and tries to embody their knowledge in a computer program for carrying out some task. How well this works depends on whether the intellectual mechanisms required for the task are within the present state of AI. When this turned out not to be so, there were many disappointing results. One of the first expert systems was MYCIN in 1974, which diagnosed bacterial infections of the blood and suggested treatments. It did better than medical students or practicing doctors, provided its limitations were observed. Engineers knew about patients, doctors, death, recovery, etc., it is clear that the knowledge engineers forced what the experts told them into a predetermined framework. In the present state of AI, this has to be true. The usefulness of current expert systems depends on their users having common sense.

An Expert System




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