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Hello Bloggers,

We are happy to inform you all about our new website: eazyprojectz, which is now available on all platforms. The primary purpose of launching this website is to provide study materials and project information to all the students, researchers, and practitioners who are pursuing their technical courses. After a good impact of our former blog ‘cloud-tech-life’, the team has come up with an objective of forming a community of researchers and releasing information related to their projects to all the undergrad help seekers. All the students and researchers are cordially invited to join our website and initiative and tell the world about their projects. Someone Somewhere might get some help with your valuable information.

The website can be viewed by clicking on the link provided below or you can find an ‘eazyprojectz’ tab in the menu of ‘Cloud-Tech-Life‘.

For more information about the website please visit https://eazyprojectz.wordpress.com.

We are open to suggestions, feedbacks, and scope of improvisation.


A helping hand is all we need !!

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