A Head-start for Game Development

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Hola Amigos! Today I am going to share a few lines about Game Development and the Algorithms needed to code the games. Starting from Dungeon Dragons(1971) to the new RPG and action adventure games such as Far Cry and Assasins Creed, the concept of the protagonist navigation throughout the entire virtual world has been the same.  A*, stack and queues, Dijkstra’s Algorithm and spatial partitioning algorithms are required for developing every single game.

Complex Algorithms required for small size games

List of Algorithms required for Game Development:

  • A* Algorithm (PathFinding Algorithms)
  • Numerical Logics
  • Spatial Partitioning Algorithms
  • Stack and Queues
  1. A* Algorithm: Algorithm which is mostly used for pathfinding and graph traversal purposes. As discussed before, a player has to navigate and hover the entire virtual world viz mapped with navmeshes and nav-links. Does the process of plotting an efficiently directed path between multiple points, called nodes. It enjoys widespread use due to its performance and accuracy. However, in practical travel-routing systems, it is generally outperformed by algorithms which can pre-process the graph to attain better performance and gaming experience.  Find out more–> Click here.

The A* algorithm. which is mostly used for pathfinding and graph traversal is used in all RTS(real-time strategy) games such as Chess, Ludo, MMORPG games( DOTA, WARCRAFT, CLASH OF CLANS) etc.

2. Space Partitioning Algorithms

 Space partitioning is the process of dividing a space into two or more disjoint subsets. In other words, space partitioning divides a space into non-overlapping regions. Any point in the space can then be identified to lie in exactly one of the regions. This algorithm is mostly used in all open world games such as far cry, Ghost Recon games, GTA, etc. Want to find out more about space partitioning Algorithm? click here.

We will keep on updating about the new AI trends and algorithms used in all aspects of Computer Science. Stay Tuned !! Happy Gaming !!




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