Floating Crypto Islands and the Hunt for a Decentralized Utopia

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Blue Frontiers, a company focused on building permanent dwellings at sea, recently signed a memorandum of understanding with French Polynesia regarding The Floating Island Project. Before we unpack this bundle of “what are these crypto people up to now”, it’s worth going over the concept of seasteading. With one foot in science fiction and another foot in reality, seasteading is the concept that permanent sea dwellings can solve a myriad of socio-economic, political, and environmental issues.

A mid-term future seastead concept developed by Blue Frontier’s Dutch engineers at Blue21

The Blue Frontiers ecosystem consists of a physical platform called the Seastead and a legal platform called the SeaZone. Blue Frontiers is also looking to launch Varyon, a token that aims to increase variation in governance to buy goods and services within the Blue Frontiers ecosystem. Varyon allows you to do everything from buying or renting space on a Seastead, register businesses, or become a “virtual resident” in a Blue Frontiers SeaZone.

To Read more about Blue Frontiers ecosystem Click here

The Dystopian Search for Utopia

The idea is slightly reminiscent of Galt’s Gulch – an 11,000+ acre plot of fertile land in the valleys of the Chilean Andes named after a fictional location where the world’s industrious and competent innovators fled in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged (also relevant here).

Residents in Galt’s Gulch Chile was a serious attempt to build a sanctuary for free marketers and anarcho-capitalists where residents could work while enjoying Chile’s climate and low taxes, with an economy based on Bitcoin.


To read more about Galt’s Gulch Chile Click here

Final Thoughts

Seasteading aims to offer a solution, if not practical at least theoretically cathartic, for the world’s population that wants to exercise optionality in where and how they live. This plays along with the common theme that blockchain-based governance models will force traditional governments to compete for a decentralized community of economically and socially mobile individuals. A better question to ask isn’t “will it happen” but “what if it does?”

Will governments view seasteaders and digital citizens as tax evading pirates, or will they change their stances on regulation and taxes to appease the masses of talent?

Only time will tell.

The ideological heartstrings and naivety rooted in the paranoia and mistrust of centralized institutions like the government, a sentiment that is the bedrock or catalyst for many people attracted to the blockchain, can only go so far. It’s up to front-running platforms seeking to offer a viable and preferable digital citizenship on land or sea (or air…or space) to right the wrongs of a baby-deer-legged nascent blockchain world, and create an alternative that could ultimately change how the world works.

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This article was originally published by Mr. Alex Moskov(Editor in Chief). Read more about it on https://coincentral.com/floating-crypto-islands-and-the-hunt-for-a-decentralized-utopia/


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