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The constant bear runs of 2018 left many crypto users guessing where they stand with their various investments. Bitcoin left the biggest mark with its negative price swings, a stark contrast to its behavior in 2017. However, it would seem that 2019 has brought a new chapter to crypto investment as the top coins and other altcoins make a slow and steady recovery.

Now that old investors are recuperating from the loss and new investors are joining the market, the decision of which coins to invest in is a difficult one. To be fair, most coins have great features, milestones and plans to positively change one mundane system or the other. If successful, investors in these coins stand to gain a lot in the long run. The decision becomes even more difficult considering the loss that could come from picking a particular coin even when it has shown so much prospect. Cryptocurrency is unpredictable and users must be careful when choosing which ones to dabble with. Read More

1. NEO

NEO is an open-source decentralized platform with the capacity to host decentralized applications, projects, and smart contracts. It is China’s largest cryptocurrency, and is often called the Chinese Ethereum due to its structural resemblance to the larger currency. The basis of Neo is founded on the need to digitize assets in a way that creates a smart economy. From applications that help people interact with other people (banking, commerce, and the service industry), to applications that facilitate interaction between devices (Internet of Things). The NEO blockchain system is powered by the NEO token and uses a delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) mechanism to ensure high speeds on more than 8000 transactions each second.

Where to buy NEO?

NEO can be bought on:

  • in more than 99% of the world through bank transfers and cards.
  • Coinmama in more than 180+ countries through debit & credit cards.
  • Local Bitcoins anywhere in the world through bank transfers, Paypal, and Western Union,
  • Paxful anywhere in the world with more than 300 available payment methods. Worldwide coverage.


Cardano is a blockchain platform built on the need for sustainability and scalability. It was established in September 2017 by Ethereum co-founder, Charles Hoskinson. It functions just like Ethereum and EOS, serving a foundation on which decentralized applications can be built. It is also one of the youngest currencies and has managed to rise to a market capitalization over $8 billion.

Cardano uses a consensus mechanism known as Ouroboros to ensure the effective running of its system. Unlike the Proof-of-Work mechanism used in Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ouroboros is solving the challenges associated with scalability.


For credit or debit card sources, Cardano can only be bought on Coinmama. However, if a user has other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin, they can be exchanged for Cardano on Bittrex, Binance,

3. EOS

Like Ethereum, EOS is a decentralized blockchain platform created for the purpose of making asset storage and transfer more effective. Its main focus is building scalable systems that perform efficiently regardless of the load they bear.

EOS has been highly controversial since its creation. It’s voting methods have raised many questions in the crypto community, with many citing it as an unfair and unstable system. In 2017, the platform rose to the spotlight with its $700 million ICO and has risen to a market capitalization of more than $15 billion.  EOS is the perfect investment vehicle due to its track record of breaking price points even when the general outlook of digital currencies seems bleak. Read More


Dash is a decentralized platform that promotes high-speed transactions just like Bitcoin or Ripple.  It was created by Evan Duffield in 2014 and named Xcoin, then subsequently renamed “Darkcoin.” It was created from the original Litecoin source code and has functioned independently since then.

Dash is making a name for itself due to its anonymity feature, which protects its users’ identities when they perform transactions on its network. It is faster than Bitcoin and cannot be traced back to the origin of a transaction. Dash also has a self-funding system which uses a portion of mining rewards to develop itself. This ensures that the platform is always funded even when investors are not as forthcoming. These features make Dash one of the most attractive coins and it’s worth consideration by everyone looking to invest in cryptocurrency or blockchain technology.


Dash can be bought using cash on the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange. It can also be exchanged for Bitcoin on Poloniex, Shapeshift, and Bitfinex.



Making the right decision on which cryptocurrencies to adopt from this early stage is a major building block towards the future of any investor. Digital currencies have shown time and again how profitable they can be. On the other hand, what may seem like a good decision may be affected by market forces later. While there are never guarantees that investing in cryptocurrency will pay off, the four altcoins discussed above might be the safest options, especially for a beginner.

This article was originally posted on at on 24 April 2019.


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