CBD and Addiction Treatment

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Successfully battling addiction can be quite challenging. After a substance abuser has fully undergone rehabilitation treatment, chances of going back to abuse their substance of choice, or the chances of their health deteriorating is usually very high. Statistics show that between 40% – 60% of addiction patients relapse.

Relapsing is a common challenge for reformed substance abusers because:

  • Their bodies physically depended on the substance
  • Their psychological functioning depended on the drug
  • Their brains are wired to the substance
  • Some of them were emotionally connected to the substance

When undergoing rehabilitation, it is advisable that the addicts plan how they are going to prevent relapsing.

Quite often, addicts and people around addicts ignore how strong relapsing can hit the addicts. Many people assume that after their therapy and rehabilitative treatment, they will have fully quitted substance abuse. They are not aware of the task of preventing relapsing, which awaits them.

Here are some ways through which addicts can prevent relapsing:

Use of CBD

CBD is a component of the cannabis plants: –

marijuana leaves image

CBD is also popularly known as cannabidiol. CBD has been found to be more effective in preventing relapses in alcoholics. Consumption of CBD relieves stress and inhibits relapse- related behaviors.

hemp leaves image

Why should substance reformers use CBD to prevent relapsing?

There are several reasons why addicts are encouraged to use CDB to prevent relapsing. These include:

  • It’s a non-psychoactive. This implies that its consumption cannot make you high
  • Its consumption is legal
  • It is non-addictive
  • It possesses anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Its effects on the body are instant. Relief is felt between 20 to 30 minutes after CBD is taken.
  • Has no sedative effects

cbd to treat anxiety image

Cannabidiol has many other health benefits other than prevention of relapsing. Other than its role in preventing relapsing, CBD candy has been useful in solving health issues such as:

This is one of the most effective ways through which an addict can greatly reduce their chances of relapsing after going clean.

Learn to exercise self-control

Self-control is very important when it comes to avoiding the temptation of backsliding into drugs. It is your self-conscience that will help you decide whether or not you will remain sober. You can decide whether you want to remain sober forever, or whether you want to get back into substance abuse.

Tips to boost your self-control and avoid temptations include:

  • Avoid close association with colleagues or friends who abuse the substance you are trying to overcome
  • Get rid of items that remind you of the substance you are trying to overcome. For instance, get rid of beer bottles.
  • Avoid places such as bars and places that remind you of the substance.
  • Use the time you previously used for substance abuse for other constructive and mind-engaging activities. For instance, if you used evenings for taking alcohol, you can use it for yoga or dancing classes.
  • Avoid isolation as much as possible. This tip is most effective in the first six months after treatment.
  • Avoid boredom by keeping your mind engaged.

Some addicts tend to ignore some of the tips mentioned above. The addicts usually want to prove that they are fully over drugs, and they can never get tempted back into drugs. Well, the best way is to completely keep off drugs and anything that you associate with drugs. The chances of getting tempted into drugs are reduced when the above tips are strictly followed.

Build a constructive support group

A support group can come in handy in ensuring you maintain your sobriety. Before choosing a support group, an addict should ensure that they remain close to their therapist. A therapist will provide moral support and encouragement to ensure that the addict does not slip.

support group image

A support group can consist of close friends, relatives, and colleagues. Just ensure that the people you have chosen are not abusers of any substances.

The support group can help reduce stress levels. Seemingly, stress is one of the major reasons that lead to relapsing. Talk to somebody about what could be stressing you out. Just talking about it helps manage the stress levels. Your support group should consist of sober people.

Get enough sleep

Lack of enough sleep or poor sleeping patterns increases your risk of relapsing into drugs. In your rehabilitative journey, ensure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep daily.

enough sleep image

Sleep is good for keeping emotional disorders at bay. Depression, stress, anxiety, and tiredness are reduced by sleep. These factors are some of the major reasons why people relapse.

It is usually difficult to catch enough sleep, especially in the first days after the therapy. The persons may stay awake for longer hours. The body feels like it lacks something essential, and therefore fails to perform simple tasks such as drifting into sleep. However, with time, it will become easier to catch sleep.

Eat a healthy diet

Eating fresh, natural and whole foods is a good step towards keeping relapsing at bay. The diet of a reforming addict should consist of lots of fruits, vegetables, and water.

various fresh fruits image

Some substances lead to loss of appetite. In such circumstances, the addict should take gradual steps until they can manage the right amount of food. Consuming starch food can help restore their appetites. Starches such as potatoes and rice restore the taste buds, and therefore enhancing their appetites. Alternatively, eating small portions after a short period of time can help boost their appetites.

fresh vegetables image

Salt, sugar, fried foods and canned foods should be avoided, or eaten in very minimal quantities. These foods have the potential to trigger cravings. Canned foods have additives that are not good for health.

fresh drinking water image

The tips offered above are theoretical, if you, as a former substance abuser and addict do not make any effort to incorporate them into your system then they will never know how effective and practical they can be. You are advised to try out each of the five tips before dismissing any. With the above tips, the temptation to relapse will be reduced by a larger percentage. However, it is important to note that self-control remains the most paramount way of preventing relapsing.

In conclusion, relapsing is not uncommon. In fact, over 50% of addicts have relapsed after they completed their rehabilitative treatment. If you happen to relapse, it does not mean that you have failed in your journey towards sobriety. All you have to do is repeat the therapy and follow the tips discussed above once again. You will eventually succeed in staying clean.

This article is originally published by Madeline Taylor at SundayScaries.

Read More at https://sundayscaries.com/blog/cbd-and-addiction-treatment/

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