Hemp Oil for Dogs That Are Picky Eaters

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Just as we humans can be incredibly fussy when it comes to our food and drink, our pups can be too! Just because our dogs are carnivores and seem to be forever desperate for food, we can’t just assume that they will eat everything we put in front of them- and this is especially true when we add dietary supplements into their food or drink.

Every doggy parent will be able to relate to the frustration of trying to get their pampered pooch to take a pill, which even when wrapped in a juicy piece of ham or slathered in peanut butter, still seems to make a reappearance on the floor shortly after you have given it to them. And while this may seem like a cute trait that makes us love our pups even more than we already do, the reality is that it is important for them to take their medicine or dietary supplement regularly if they are suffering from an illness or affliction that is causing them pain or discomfort. Read More

How to Give Hemp Oil to Fussy Dogs

Hemp oil is without a doubt one of the most popular natural supplements in existence, and many people have found it has been the only thing they have tried that has been able to provide them with necessary relief from a wide range of painful and debilitating symptoms.

There is one thing about it that is a major turn off for many, and that is the potent earthy taste, which many people cannot stand. Human grade hemp oil now comes in a variety of different flavors to make it more appealing, but many avid followers of the supplement argue that it is best taken when it is in its purest form without flavorings added.

Pet owners are also becoming frustrated with trying to give hemp oil to their dogs who simply refuse to take it unless they forcibly administer it sublingually, something which many people are reluctant to do. Luckily, the demand for hemp-based products has meant that several innovative companies are creating CBD infused edibles for pets, which they gobble down happily. Read More

Try a CBD Infused Edible Instead

One of the biggest frustrations amongst pet owners is getting their dog to actually swallow the correct amount of hemp oil, as very often they will refuse to eat their food if they pick up on the scent of it, so the only option is to put the dropper under their tongue and stop them from spitting it out, or diluting it by gulping down an entire bowl of water. This is where CBD infused dog treats can come in very handy, as most dogs will happily take the cute bone shaped edibles with no problems.

If you purchase a product from a reputable brand, then you will also be able to tell exactly how much CBD is in each treat and therefore the dosages will be more accurate.

Keep Some Peanut Butter on Hand

If you prefer to stick to giving your dog a tincture rather than a treat, then your best option is going to be to wiggle the dropper towards the back of their gums and squirt it in their mouth slowly, while gently tilting their head back. If they really don’t seem to like the taste, then you can quickly give them a tasty treat like a finger smudging of peanut butter immediately afterward to distract them.

Mix It into a Stinky Snack

As much as we love our dogs, we can all agree that their taste buds crave the most revolting tastes at times. Smelly fishy snacks, raw meat – basically anything that causes us to wretch and gag usually goes down well.

However, as soon as they get a waft of something that reminds them of medicine, they will clamp their jaws firmly shut and refuse to take the bait. The next time your dog refuses to take hemp oil, try mixing a small amount into an overpoweringly stinky snack and watch them swallow it down with glee!

This article is originally published at FOMO Bones.

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